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3 Tricks to Stay Fit

October 13, 2011

Ward Off Winter Weight from

The cooler weather isn’t exactly exercise-friendly, especially when lounging on the couch, wrapped in blankets watching T.V is the alternative. NYC-based Jeff Halevy, behavioral health and fitness expert and CEO of Halevy Life has some tricks on how to stay motivated throughout the season.

1. Make it a competition: “People respond to competition, it’s inherent,” Jeff says. “Friendly competition keeps morale high and keeps you focused.” And keep in mind that why competition can be against friends, family or co-workers, it can also be against yourself (to beat your current record), or in the case of Tiki Barber, against a complete stranger! “It’s easy to get lazy when you’re by yourself,” Tiki said.

2. Define a specific goal: “Make sure you have a very defined goal to help motivate you throughout the winter,” Jeff says. If being bikini ready by the time summer rolls around is your goal, Jeff advises to make that your focus now, even though that bikini is tucked behind turtlenecks and coats. “Summer creeps up on us and being beach ready only becomes a goal on the first warm day. But really, you need to work 5-6 months out,” Jeff says.

3. Be an early riser: “Particular to winter, I’ve found that working out in the morning is best. Energy levels are in tune with the circadian rhythm which is related to the sunlight so with the shorter days, it’s easier to fall off track if you’re saving your workouts for the evening,” Jeff says.

I love to do yoga in the morning. It helps me feel energized and relaxed at the same time.

Ingrid Cheng
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