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I Love Hostels

October 16, 2011




AIDS Walk L.A.

Choosing to stay at hostels is a great way to save money and be green because hotels charge more. I can stay at a hostel (shared bedroom for $30 or less per night) versus a $100 per night at a hotel room. Hostelling International USA (HI-USA) strives to operate their hostels in an environmentally responsible manner, working towards sustainability. Since 1934, Hostelling International USA has operated a network of hostels to encourage and enable low impact travel while preserving and protecting the landmark buildings, national parks, and communities that they are part of. Their hostels are built on the concept of shared spaces to foster interaction between guests and reduce carbon footprint. I support these principles:

Energy Conservation, Recycling, Protecting Natural Environments, Reduced Consumption, Environmental Education

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Since 1982, Sunrider International has helped people around the world achieve success and financial independence with their rewarding business opportunity. I joined because they are locally owned and I like their high-quality natural health products.
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