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Book Preview

October 18, 2011

Yoga Life Lessons

I am excited to announce that my book Dream: Creating a Better World (How Yoga Changed My Life) is in the process of being published. In it, I explain why I love yoga and the life lessons I’ve learned through yoga.

1. Don’t be afraid of failure

2. Show up, be present 

3. Love more, fear less

4. Health = Wealth

5. Exercise + Nutrition = Health

6. I love to travel

7. Believe in myself

8. Dream Big

9. Anything is possible

10. Secret to Happiness

11. Gratitude

12. Courage

This is just a preview.
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  1. 3 Rules of a MASTERY group:

    1. Commit – Yoga life lesson 2. SHOW UP, BE PRESENT. It sounds simple, yet it isn’t unusual for a person to join a group with good intentions, then they miss meetings or show up late, unprepared. Try your best to be at all the meetings, and be there on time.

    2. Respect Confidentiality – I love the safe environment of Chellie Campbell’s Money Mastery Network. We hold to a confidentiality agreement from the start. This encourages trust, honesty, authenticity, vulnerability and opens the door to creative synergy where new ideas can flourish.

    3. Accountability – Like Chellie, I am all about helping others to reach their goals through daily action. Setting up an accountability structure can take great ideas to tangible results.

    The power of a Mastey group can’t be understated. All the great teachers of success like the ones at Leaders Causing Leaders have talked about the benefits of using a team to make better decisions and get more results with less effort. But always remember: a group is only as valuable as the level of commitment, confidentiality and accountability of each member.

    Adapted from:

  2. Chris permalink

    i think you mean to say that “the power of a Mastery group can’t be *over* stated”

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