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My Birthday Wish

October 21, 2011

7 for All Mankind Health Expo

All I wish for my Birthday is for you to donate to my cause. I love yoga because it changed my life. Please help me raise $250 for Yoga Education at:

Yoga Life Lessons:

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

The #1 barrier to success is the fear of failure. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Yoga helped and still helps me face my fears. I still resist doing a pose that looks hard, scary or impossible. Guess what my yoga teacher says?
“It’s okay to fall or fail. Just do it.” Yoga gives me insight, self-confidence and tranquility. It taught me and still teaches me to be more patient. Yoga changed my life. Do you want to relax and slow down? A regular yoga practice helps me do so. It reminds me to breathe slowly, relax my body and quiet my mind while I am flowing through the yoga asana or posesThe main lesson I learned from yoga is not to be afraid to fail. The other lesson is to show up in yoga class, to be present and to breathe. This translates to showing up in life and being present because the past is gone and the future is uncertain. I hope you will really get that you can fail towards success. I’m trying and failing every day. All we have is this moment. We are our worse critics and enemies. Our inner voices will tell us to play it safe. That is not what we are meant to do. Each of us has a dream to make a difference and to connect with others. So my advice like Nike is to just do it. Take risks, get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Once you get pass this fear of failure, nothing will stop you from succeeding.
Commit – SHOW UP, BE PRESENT. It sounds simple, yet it isn’t unusual for a person to join a group with good intentions, then they miss meetings or show up late, unprepared. Try your best to be at all the meetings, and be there on time. What does showing up and being present mean to you? Based on what you’ve read so far, do you want to pre-order my book for yourself or someone you care about?
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What is your goal? Let me know and I’ll add it to my blog. Thanks.

Ingrid Cheng

Author of Dream: Creating a Better World
Healthy Lifestyle expert

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