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October 27, 2011

36 Leading Social Networking Sites

1. Affluence is a private social network where accomplished individuals connect, share information, and engage in meaningful conversations. Our members also enjoy exclusive, high-quality content and feature advice from industry experts on subjects such as art technology and travel

Vetted Membership

Anyone can apply to be a member of Affluence, however all applications are run through the Affluence Wealth Indication Process. Membership is granted or denied based on this proprietary screening method. This allows our members to feel confident that they are among like-minded, accomplished individuals.

Affluence is a network built around introducing you to like-minded individuals all around the world. With Affluence Search you can meet other members based on everything form location to interest or expertise.

Membership is free but requires a verifiable minimum household net worth of $1 million (US) or annual household income of $200,000.

I am affluent but not at that level. I want to grow my business and eventually franchise it worldwide. I got an insight into what VCs look for at and hope to be ready to pitch to them next time. Found out about:

Boot Camp for Entrepreneurs℠ at
One thing I noticed that bothered me is that majority of attendees are men, less than 10% are women.
How can I help get other women entrepreneurs interested in events like this?

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