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October 31, 2011

Marathon Sweetheart

I have a dirty dirty confession.  

Taco Runner and I ordered a cheese pizza a week ago.  I’ve had the pizza box on my table for 1 week, because I was waiting to take it on my weekly trips to the recycling center.  I thought it was empty all week.  However, today I opened the box to see 1 perfectly maintained slice of cheese pizza.  No sign of decay.  No sign of mold.  No flies around it.  No foul odor.

You may be thinking, “That’s great.”  

Not so much.  Food SHOULD spoil.  Food SHOULD smell bad and mold after a few days.  Real food, at least.  Processed chemicals don’t spoil.  Not even flies want to touch this stuff.  What does that say about what MILLIONS of people put into their bodies (including me and Taco who ate that cheese pizza)?

Check out this video!

It shows…

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