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Gratitude is Food

November 19, 2011
Lesson 11: Gratitude
Gratitude is that vibration that can help us to access the gifts that we came to this planet to share.  It is important for us to have a tool that helps us to be the people that others need and expect us to be.
We can simply call forth the feeling of gratitude at any time by simply pondering for a moment on something-anything that we are grateful for.  By doing this, we activate our inner wisdom, creativity and compassion.
We did a brief process to demonstrate how the body responds to negative self talk and how quickly and efficiently the body, mind and spirit are renewed when thoughts of gratitude were present.
I gave an example of an experience that I had earlier that day when my automobile was acting up.  I sat in the car and spent a few moments in gratitude, and all of a sudden, the answer to the problem came to me.
We all agreed to participate fully in the cycle of both giving and receiving gratitude:  Looking a person in the eyes when you say “Thank you” and also not “deflecting” the expression of gratitude when it is expressed to us.  During the month of November, when someone says “Thank you” to you-look them in the eyes, take a deep breath and say “you’re welcome.”  It might feel a little awkward at first because many of us have the habit of “deflecting” by saying “oh, it was nothing” or “no, thank you.”  It is important to allow the cycle of gratitude to be completed.  So during November- “no deflecting.” Comment: I’ve been keeping a list of things I’m grateful for since September 16. Here are a few entries:
1. Wealthy Spirit by Chellie Campbell
Laslly, I talked about how our bodies respond to our thoughts about what we eat.  So whatever you put into your body-Love it!  Never curse a food as you consume it.  Instead, bless it all and know thank your body for knowing how to utilize and process it. Comment: Yoga taught me to accept and love my body as a vessel for my spirit.

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