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Healthy Thanksgiving

November 21, 2011

Eat More Veggies

The USDA’s MyPlate guidelines are a good place to start when thinking about your Thanksgiving menu. MyPlate recommends that at least half of your plate consist of fruits and vegetables, and that at least half of the grains you consume are whole grains. Add a little protein and a serving of dairy on the side and you have yourself a meal.

Take a look through the dishes you want to serve. Do you have each of the food groups represented? Can your guests make a MyPlate if they so choose? Maybe you can add some fruit to the dessert table, swap out the full fat sour cream in the dip for low fat greek yogurt, or just add some whole grain crackers and cut up vegetables to the appetizer line up.

Comment: Be aware of portion size and extra servings. Drink water if you feel hungry because most of the time when your body needs hydration, your mind gets a signal that is like hunger. Eat consciously, slowly. Enjoy the sight, smell and taste of your meal. Stop when you feel 70% full and wait 20 minutes, use this time to chat with your family and friends. If you still feel hungry and have a sweet tooth like me, go for a small serving of your favorite dessert. Choose to be healthy during  Thanksgiving and the rest of this year!

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