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3 A’s of Yoga

November 24, 2011

Accountability : Being responsible for your choices and your life instead of blaming others.

Awareness: Most of us tend to go on auto-pilot as we go about our routines. The world induces us to go to sleep. Yoga calls us to wake up and be aware of our thoughts, actions and the consequences.

Authenticity: Yoga teaches self-acceptance. Only when we are able to accept ourselves (flaws and all) then we can accept others. I learned to be true to ourselves and be real through yoga.

I will touch on the 3 B’s: Being, Breathe and Body tomorrow.

If you have benefited from yoga, please comment.


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  1. Self-acceptance is a tricky one. We first need to let go of our preconceived image of how we should be and behave. Non-attachment is one of the key things in yoga, and one of the most difficult to achieve I believe. Not being attached to our failures (i.e. not getting worked up about them), not to our successes either, and not to tangible things (house, car etc…).
    Sticky topic! 🙂

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