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Alternative to Drugs

November 25, 2011

Doctors realize merely treating symptoms does not remove the disease. They also know it’s lifestyle choices that are responsible for making us ill. So why are drugs typically their first line of “patient-centered” care, particularly when so many of them have side effects that can only be treated with more drugs? And what makes health officials think that taxing, banning or regulating salt, junk food, and tobacco is going to solve the chronic disease crisis? 7 out of 10 deaths are preventable.

In her book, “Death by Modern Medicine,” Dr. Carolyn Dean talks about how, for well over a century, the definition of health care has been pills-and-drugs. It’s a deliberately schemed and manipulated paradigm that’s been packaged and sold through:

The insurance industry’s (including Medicare’s and Medicaid’s) methodology for payment, which doesn’t recognize nutritional care or proven naturopathic approaches to health care. Say no to big “Pharma”:
Direct-to-Consumer advertising
Influencing physicians and other health care providers through gifts, honoraria for speaking engagements, and financial support for training programs, which is simply another form of advertising
Intense lobbying by PhRMA and individual drug makers such as Merck and Pfizer

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