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Fast and Fresh

December 5, 2011

Healthy Dish

What’s your food personality? Mine is Fast & Fresh! The Food Personality tool is a fun, creative way to determine how you prefer to cook and prepare meals.

Meal planning can be easier if you understand how your food personality influences the way you cook. Whether you love cooking or dread walking into the kitchen at mealtime, this Food Personality Quiz will help you better understand your food and cooking style and will provide strategies to help you prepare healthy meals.

Your Food Personality Quiz results include our recommendations for recipes and healthy lifestyle tools that best match your food and cooking style, as well as tips and suggestions that can be saved to your My Home page. Saving your food personality quiz results allows you to come back and find your healthy food recipes and suggestions anytime you are ready to cook or plan meals.

The Food Personality Quiz will also generate a list of recipes based on your food preferences – making healthy food choices at mealtime a snap.

Start the Food Personality Quiz now and find your food personality!

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