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Let Go

December 7, 2011

#Healthy Inside Out

With 2012 fast approaching, a year there seems to be more buzz about than any other, it may be a time more than any other to give deep thought and reflection on the kind of life we want, the kind of world we want to live in and our plan for taking the necessary steps to bring our aspirations to fruition.

One of the best steps for starting a new or better life is cleansing ones self of old negative accumulations and thought forms. These things I call blockages build up quite simply as toxins and manifest in several ways; psychologically, physiologically and emotionally. There are toxins that build up in the body and toxins that build up in the mind but the truth is they’re all tied together as one.

There has always been talk about leaving the past behind and in these times more about “being in the moment” or “the power of now” which is extremely important but so few of us are cognizant of the accumulations from the past we have stuck in our bodies and minds that begin from the time of our birth. Toxic blockages that stem from the negative thoughts we think to the unhealthy foods we eat, which can hinder us from making the positive changes we want to see in our health, lives and world.

One of the requisites for positive change is the very old holistic method of cleansing, clearing the field (body) to plant new seed, if you will. In the past I’ve sited several times the first part of a wise old hermetic adage; as above so below, as below so above, which relates to the state of mind having a direct effect on the body but at the same time, the body having direct effect on the mind and spirit. Point being; we can not realize a more conscious, healthy and prosperous life unless we start from the inside and work our way out.

That said, in the coming months, in tradition with an old custom for a new year (letting go of old things) Earth Shift will introduce and focus on the tools that assist us in cleansing or clearing our way to better health and well being.

Sunrider is the Best!

  Before 1/1/2012 $10.00 USD  Full price $15.00 USD  3 for $25.00 USD 


Ingrid Cheng


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