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Rewrite the Future

January 11, 2012

Dream: Creating a Better World

What is “Smart Trust” and why is it important to business leaders?

Smart Trust is knowing how to trust in a low-trust world. It is a different approach that moves leaders and organizations from  “blind trust”–where they’re gullible and trust too much–and “distrust”–where they’re suspicious and don’t trust enough. Smart Trust is the informed judgment that flows from your heart with equally high analysis (following  your head). This judgment becomes a competency that enables people to minimize risk while maximizing possibilities.
1. Recognize when you’re stuck and what’s really stopping you or why you keep doing the same things but expect a different result and blame others or the world when you are not getting what you want
2. Remember that every time you create a future bigger than your past or problems, you create a gap or space between that future & your present circumstances. Mistakes and setbacks are inevitable as you take action to fill the gap. (Be compassionate and patient with yourself)
3. Instead of seeing a mistake or setback as something that’s wrong, ask what’s missing. Is it the lack of authenticity, lack of integrity or lack of responsibility in yourself that’s creating this situation?
4. Make promises for new actions that transform your thinking to create a breakthrough, declare a new future for yourself, your life and the world
Yoga taught me many life lessons and I am learning more of them each day. I want to empower myself so that I can create space to manifest my dreams!

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