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January 12, 2012


Karen Lee, my Dream Coach shared Landmark Forum with me and made a difference in my life. I’m doing this to pay it forward. Let’s collaborate to create a better world!

When we moved from Hong Kong to the U.S in 1984, I didn’t feel as if I fitted in at the new school because my parents didn’t give me a choice about whether I wanted to leave my alma mater, all my friends and my real home. Although I liked Hawaii, I felt like a fish out of water. Nothing I did seemed right. My sisters made new friends easily, but had trouble trusting that I could keep my new friends when I’ve just lost my old ones. If you are dealing with the issue of fitting in, know that everyone has to confront the truth that some friendships or relationships don’t last. I wanted a friend who would be a friend for life yet I didn’t invest myself fully in my wish. Do you feel lonely when you’re alone? If the answer is yes, it may mean that some part of you is missing.  I used to be a people-pleaser because of my need for love and understanding. I looked really hard for someone or something to give that to me, but didn’t get it because I wasn’t being compassionate or understanding towards myself. Let these words cut through the shell around your heart hit you gently with the truth. I used to think that I couldn’t be honest if I wanted to be nice. After coaching, I realized that I can be anything I want to be. At this very moment, from this point forward, forever and always, I declare myself to be powerful, compassionate and unstoppable!

Write down three things that you want most in your life and make your own declaration now! I request that you join


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Making a difference everyday!

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