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Private Fashion Shows

January 17, 2012

I love Sol Inspired

Hi Dear Readers,

Schedule a fun private no cost, no obligation Sol Inspired Luxury Fashion Trunk Show at your home now and get a chance to earn a free item from your favorites. Go to

Choose your 2 favorite styles at and contact me for a free “Love Your Skin” consultation now!

Ingrid Cheng

Sol Inspired Rep #90049-129-IC

FREE Interviews will air at 5PM PST on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.You’ll have the option to listen by phone or online. We will also provide you with replay access details in case you miss a call.

 Here is the interview schedule (your Call Calendar): Click Here.

 Below are your Bonus Gifts as our sincere welcome and thank you.

Right-click on the blue “Download Here” Download links below and then select “Save Target As” to save each audio file to your computer. Click “Save As” if you have a Macintosh. Some links are external links to another website which you just need to “left-click” on one time.
Bonus Gift 1: Bill BaumanLiving with Grace DVD

This inspirational talk invites you into a deep and personal relationship with and experience of Divine Grace.  After describing the wonder, qualities and compelling presence of grace in our lives, Bill invites you to open your heart to its bounteous and awesome gifts. He then helps you to experience Grace’s gifts personally and directly.

Right Click Here To Download

Bonus Gift 2: Carol Look

Getting Started With EFT Tapping To Help You Shine

PDF for Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping points and directions; plus Intro audio and 2 audios specifically designed to help you shine.

Left Click Here

Bonus Gift 3: Guy Finley

Make the Leap Into a New Life Story

Listen to the first 60-Minute MP3 Make the Leap Into a New Life Story instantly, and then if you wish, sign-up for free immediate access to the entire album, with 7 additional full-length talks including: — Receive the Keys to Real Self-Completion — The Lost Secrets of Complete Self-Command — Take These Steps and Realize the Truth of Yourself — The Power and the Practice of Oneness This is a REAL product that is currently for sale on Guy’s site for $24.95 — and I’ve arranged for you to receive it for FREE!

Left Click Here

Bonus Gift 4: Nadia Tumas

Life Purpose Breakthrough Method: Your Manual to Live A Meaningful Life. (Five Simple Secrets How To Discover Your Unique Purpose & Get Fast Money, Love and Joy)

In this powerful audio you will get  tremendous clarity for how to get everything you desire in life: money,love and joy fast! Nadia will answer your burning questions and explain to you what is the fastest way to get what you want without spending years of frustration and thousand of dollars on education that never bring you fulfillment and success. We can’t wait to share with you this METHOD!!! Enjoy!

Right Click Here To Download

Bonus Gift 5: Brent Phillips

The Secret Behind The Secret eBook

This ebook by Brent Phillips describes how you can use the Law of Attraction to transform your own life: whether your problem is physical illness, emotional distress, poverty, dysfunctional relationships, or other challenges, this ebook applies to helping you.

Right Click Here To Download

Bonus Gift 6: Marcy Neumann

Bonus Chakra clearing visualization meditation for money manifestation success!

Manifestation Chakra Clearing Meditation. This 40 minute audio download will lead you through a deep meditation that will empower you to align your chakras with your manifestation process for success! It’s the “How To” for removing the critical blocks stopping you from living your dream life. Each step along the way brings you closer and closer to the point of clear manifestation. It’s waiting for you now.

Left Click Here

Bonus Gift 7: Jim Self

The Shift: What it is – Why it’s happening – How it is affecting you and the Mastering of Alchemy

Explore and Discover: What are the 3rd and 4th Dimensions? Tools to Rebuild Yourself, Where the Shift is Taking You, The 5th Dimension: Your Spiritual Abilities are Revealed, How to Enjoy the Journey to the Higher Dimensions, Unveiling the Experiment, and The True Nature of the Experiment

Right Click Here To Download

Bonus Gift 8: Evolution Ezine

22 Tools to Transform Your Fear into Happiness, Peace, and Inspiration

You’ll Discover: How to create effective affirmations to feel calm, centered and confident, How to use a Feel Good Trigger & EFT to instantly release fear and stress, How to naturally produce more Feel Good chemicals in your brain, Free hypnosis script, free video & audio links, and much more.

Right Click Here To Download (Ebook)

Bonus Gift 9: Evolution Ezine

Words of Wisdom

A unique compilation of words of wisdon and favorite motivational quotes for you. Rather than just reading them, why not take your time and allow each one to soak into your consciousness? Absorb the meanings behind the words – and apply them into your life to enrich, enliven, and empower you.

Right Click Here To Download (Ebook)


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