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Chinese Story

January 19, 2012

Chinese-Owned Company

Once there were two men who had to live together because they were the only two handicapped people in their village. Ah Yee was blind and Ah Bo was lame. They didn’t get along and looked down on each other. Ah Bo thought he was better than Ah Yee. At least he could see and find his way around town. Though he couldn’t walk, he could drag himself around with his hands. A Yee knew how his roommate thought and nothing he did seem to please Ah Bo, so he stopped trying. He blamed the other man for his own sense of helplessness and unhappiness. What could he do? Not being able to see limited him to the house. At least, Ah Bo could go out and not get lost. A Yee resented his roommate for being free to go out. Whenever Ah Bo got mad, he’d leave the house and stay away until Ah Yee grew worried. They argued every day about something or another. Then, one day the house accidentally caught fire. A Yee knew that he needed his roommate to guide him to safety and Ah Bo realized that he couldn’t drag himself away fast enough. So, they helped each other by being the other person’s eyes and legs. Together, they escaped the fire that was burning down their house. Only then, did each of them admit that they had been wrong. Ah Bo apologized for making things hard for the other man and Ah Yee revealed his feelings of resentment. They forgave each other because the past was gone like their house. So, they had a chance to rebuild their home and relationship from nothing. They worked hard together and became friends for life. This story has a vague origin. I don’t know who wrote it or how old it is. Yet, it is as relevant today as it used to be.

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