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January 23, 2012

Karen Lee’s Dream Coaching Live on Jan 28th, 2012

Master DREAM Manifestor and National Transformational DREAM Coach Karen Lee gets to the core source that stops us from manifesting our conscious DREAMS.  Her highly specialized techniques are based on ontology, a branch of metaphysics that deals with the “nature of being,” AND “The Law of Attraction,” which states that we create and attract the objects of our strongest feelings and thoughts. Once we get to the root of the problem, we can get rid of it and formulate POWERFULLY MAGNETIC pathways to manifest our DREAMS into REALITY. If you missed the introduction, don’t miss the next  high-vibration session on Saturday Jan 28th, 2012!

Location: Rosewood Center for Transformation, Creativity & Healing
447 N. Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Time:  10:00 ~ 12:30pm PST
Cost:  $20 (worth more than $60 of coaching)

Cell/Text:              310.850.4995       Email:

The Law of Attraction is an essential part of this coaching. People who you’re looking for will come to you to offer their help or support. Be a magnet, take action and show up. You don’t need to do a lot once you’re aligned with your real purpose in life. The key to transformation is going back to your childhood consciously and seeing it logically. Once you realize that there is no proof to your disempowering beliefs, you are able and ready to get rid of them. But you must complete your past with your parents. If you don’t like something, it’s because you can’t handle it. Our brains are hardwired for survival and tend to have blind spots when there’s heavy stuff we’re dealing with. When you’re affected by circumstances, you can’t achieve anything big.

“I used to hate my mom and seriously thought about killing her and myself. Now, I stand for my mother. I want her to have everything she wants to be happy! As women, we need to feel good to do good. We must take on ourselves, love ourselves first and be willing to say ‘No, thank you’. We tend to put ourselves second or last.” Karen Lee shared with the group. Then, she mentioned the Joanne Lee Foundation (created in loving memory of her sister who was an incest victim). Karen Lee founded this non-profit to empower incest survivors through equine therapy because she loves horses.

I sent a check to her and wrote this on the envelope “You’re the wind beneath my wings. I’m flying high because of you.” Thank you Karen Lee for believing in me more than I believed in myself!

Ingrid Cheng, Founder of Fit-Twist


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