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Natural Stress Relief

February 1, 2012


Feb 17-19 Tension and Trauma Relief Exercises (TRE) Workshop in West L.A. TRE helps in the natural relief of stress, tension and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Mary Shriver who is a certified TRE Level 1 Facilitator is based in Sherman Oaks, CA. She explained how all mammals shake off stress in everyday life while they sleep. If you have a pet, observe it while it’s sleeping and you will see it trembling sometimes. Energy that gets caught up in the body or muscles causes negative symptoms. I tend to carry stress in my neck and shoulders. Yoga helps reduce stress and relieve any regular tension or tightness.

TRE as a self-help tool for individuals who might not have access to therapy or other forms of assistance. Also, there are many people who simply need a self-help method to reduce stress. Some individuals recovering from stress, anxiety or trauma may have deeper emotional and psychosomatic issues that need professional guidance. In that case, these exercises should not be considered as a stand-alone method. It would be best to include them in a therapeutic session so that you can receive the proper guidance and assistance to deal with deep emotional releases. TRE (like yoga) integrates well with traditional therapeutic modalities because it supports healing at the deepest levels of the body, where traumatic responses originate. 

Dr. David Berceli wrote about how he has been working with this method for 20 years. He further explained that though TRE is simple, it is also very powerful and can lead people deeply into their past traumas as the body tries to release them through the tremors. Aside from the standard license agreement which satisfies the legalities necessary for TRE certification, there is also an agreement of participation in a consciousness shift. This shift is about finding the natural healing process in the body so that individuals can be self-empowered to heal and grow from within. Dr. Berceli believes in honesty and integrity. I agree that “we are joining together not only in our individual efforts at healing trauma but also in our collective efforts to do so.” Dr. Berceli gives workshops all over the world to help disaster or trauma victims so they can be cured of PTSD per Mary Shriver. I am grateful to learn about this brand new, cutting edge technique that’s based on ancient wisdom.

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Contact Mary Shriver at 213-219-9269

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Support Yoga for Heart Health – Go Red for Women Wear Red Day 2012. RSVP to this Benefit event on Friday Feb 3 in West L.A. 6-8 pm. Space is limited. Free healthy samples and snacks for those who RSVP by tomorrow Feb 2.


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