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Energy Balancing

February 10, 2012

Yoga Changed My Life

You may know that the flow of energy is constantly moving through our bodies, but it might surprise you to learn that it also flows through our bones. In fact, our bones are great conductors of energy. Ligaments further help move energy along by connecting the bones to one another. When a ligament is either too loose or too tight, it is unable to allow the flow of energy to move through that joint and into surrounding bones, tissues and/or organs. Initially we may not notice this energetic block, but over time as discomfort sets in, our bodies clearly signal us that something is out of balance. When our skeleton is balanced or in alignment with our flow of energy, we are more able to sail along smoothly in life, with little to no effort.

Zero Balancing (frequently referred to as “ZB”) addresses and corrects this imbalance through a specialized therapy. Dr. Fritz Smith, M.D., D.O., Lic.Ac., developed the practice in the early 1970s, when his lifelong fascination with the healing power of touch and the Eastern view of energy crystallized with the Western view of science and medicine. Basically, a ZB session is a hands-on body/mind therapy that lasts 40 to 50 minutes and is administered on a massage table while the client wears comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. By using finger pressure and gentle traction, the practitioner touches the skeleton and joints where tension is held. The touch feels good and creates points of balance where change and reorganization can occur as pressure is applied. Simply put, ZB restores the relationship between the human energy field and skeletal structure through touch. This innovative therapy is a potent way to help restore the body’s flow of energy, leaving the client feeling relaxed, renewed and rebalanced.

Contributed by Todd Williams

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Ingrid Cheng

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