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February 13, 2012

Chocolates for Heart Health

I love dark chocolate and can’t give it up. I allow myself to have 2 small pieces to satisfy my sweet tooth.

“Addiction has two components, physical and mental. Sugar and flour are physically addictive at a chemical and cellular level, and as with any addictive substance, it must be eliminated. By definition, if an addict could moderate they would not be an addict – abstinence is a must. But even if you find a perfect diet, like the eYou Diet, that eliminates these triggers you still have a system of neural pathways that represent learned associations, habits and reactions to stress and life. This must be addressed. The neural pathways in your brain are developed based on what you have done in the past making the breaking of a habit difficult. Food addiction is as real as illicit drug or alcohol addiction. Food, namely sugar and flour, affects the pleasure or reward centers of the brain in exactly the same way as drugs. In order to properly heal and be free of addiction in the long term, you have to rewire those reward pathways. The problem is you can’t think differently because your brain is wired to say things like “one bite won’t hurt” and “if I eat that box of chocolates, I will feel better”. Tiffany Wright, Ph.D. The L.A. Skinny Coach and the founder of elementalyou™ wrote.

Thanks, Skinny Coach.

Ingrid Cheng


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