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Waking Up to This Moment

February 20, 2012

I love “Waking Up to This Moment – The Essential Meaning of Breema” by Jon Schreiber. It reaffirms my principles and values!

“You can always take 1 small step. This understanding is sacred. We usually make a big aim and never do it. But something small” is possible.

“Relax until the mind, body and feelings are relaxed. That’s Body Comfortable.”

“Your body may have discomfort or pain, but you are comfortable or relaxed. Start wherever you can, but don’t stop.”

“Accept the condition of your body…As soon as you accept it, you become more relaxed.”

“Everything you do could be Breema” or yoga. When you go about your daily life, let this “support you to manifest harmony.”

“You see with the light of Consciousness and you can respond in the way that’s needed.”

“Life never manifests the way we expect it to. If you understand that, then you don’t have expectations. Free…you see what is.”

“As we become less identified with our false self-concepts, our life becomes more meaningful.”

“We believe that we are the Child of Society…want success, wealth, etc.”
“The Child of Existence is our original nature. As we grow up we acquire the Child of Society through education & imitation.”
“We think we know who we are, but we don’t. We have 2 aspects – The Child of Existence & of Society.”

“Don’t believe that they need your help. The most you can do for them is to be receptive yourself.”

 “Life is giving life. Existence is manifesting itself. But when Conscious is not present, you want things to be a certain way.”
“Just following the form doesn’t mean much if you’re in the past or future. The form works when you follow it.”
“How you exist is always in relationship” to someone or some thing.
“When you become less identified with “me” or “mine”, you open up to the bigger picture.”
“But when mind, body & feelings come together, we begin to live our life.”
“We look at things” through our filters “without seeing them, so we react to life.”
“Make yourself more receptive to consciousness. Become fully receptive – see diversity in unity” and vice versa.
Ingrid Cheng
Author of Dream: Creating a Better World
Source: Waking Up to This Moment – The Essential Meaning of Breema by Jon Schreiber

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