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Live as the Question

March 10, 2012

“A question empowers, an answer always dis-empowers. It’s a choice to live in the question. The answer is always about how to get it right. Right answer eliminates question from your reality and life.” Gary Douglas.

4 questions that you can use to begin to change something. Ask: 

  • What is this?
  • What do I do with it?
  • Can I change it?
  • If so, how do I change it?
When asking a question, you are not asking for an answer. With question, you’re asking the universe to respond with something that is greater than you can figure out; something beyond all of the answers that have already been defined. Every answer or conclusion you come to is a way to stop you from having awareness of anything else. Questions open you up to greater possibility and choice.
2 things to you now if you haven’t done so already:
1. Write down your dreams and desires list without focusing on how they will be become real. It’s a list that is important to you. What are you good at and passionate about?
2. Make a list of 7 things and people you are grateful for every day.
5 questions to ask to get more money:
1. What can I add to my life today that will generate lots of money, now and in the future?
2. How does it get even better than this?
3. If I buy this, will it make me money?
4. Does this or will this thing to own me?
5. What else can I create from here?


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