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Down Dog Sunday

May 27, 2012

I took my dog Sparky for a walk before going to yoga class this morning. As usual, she was excited to be up and ready to go. Do you wake up feeling excited or do you dread waking up? Do you look forward to the weekends and feel like they aren’t long enough? My dog greets each day with excitement and enjoy every moment. Sparky doesn’t dwell on the past or worry about the future. As I did downward dog poses in yoga, I focused on my breath and on being represent. There was a sense of peace, openness and contentment. I want to share this with you. Happiness is being in the moment. Enjoy the experience, don’t be afraid to learn or try new things. Be in the discovery mode. It’s great to be alive and healthy.  I wonder how many people take their dogs or their health for granted.

I am so grateful for my dog, my health and yoga. What are you grateful for?

Ingrid Cheng @fitnesswla
Health Advocate and Finalist of Urban Rebound: an exciting initiative for women entrepreneurs ready to grow their businesses to $250,000 or more in annual revenues.

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