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Healthy Living Grant

June 6, 2012

Thanks to generous support from Disney’s Magic of Healthy Living program, KaBOOM! is bringing play to vulnerable children in California by deploying Imagination Playgrounds and training educators to facilitate unstructured play for young children. Disney’s Magic of Healthy Living is an initiative designed to partner with parents in their quest to raise healthy, happy kids by reinforcing their work and inspiring kids to make healthy lifestyles fun! Please read through the information about Imagination Playground in a Cart, eligibility for the grant, and grant commitments to see if your playspace can receive and support this grant.  In order to complete the application, fill out the Parts I – IV. Completed grants should be submitted by 5:00pm EST July 20, 2012.

Play Associates are individuals trained to maintain the safety and integrity of the playspace.  They play an important role in facilitating play, “stage managing” the experience by modeling then stepping back.  Play Associates encourage a diverse, creative playspace while ensuring the safety of the children and assist children only when asked. For this grant program, we require that at least 3 Play Associates are trained to ensure each Imagination Playground has the support it needs.  The free training for the Play Associate includes an online webinar, an online forum in which Play Associates can share experiences and best practices, as well as supplemental materials.

Grant includes: (2) Imagination Playgrounds in a Cart , all contents, and Play Associate training

Recommended age group: All ages

Minimum play area: 450 sq. ft.

Site condition: For use in indoor or enclosed outdoor settings. The Carts must be operated on solid, even ground. Not intended for use on grass, gravel, sand or mulch. Adult supervision required at all times. Not recommended for storage in extreme outdoor weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, and freezing temperatures.  Please note that some site preparation may be needed to receive and place Imagination Playground in a Cart.

Please note that Play Associate training must occur prior to the use of the equipment by children.

More info

Ingrid Cheng @fitnesswla

Health Advocate

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