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Beliefs Brief Course

June 1, 2017

Inspired by Brain Boot Camp (BBC) Program at UCLA Longevity Center

Beliefs Boot Camp is an interactive training experience that provides people with tools to keep their beliefs healthy and positive. This is a 1 hour online course designed for people with mild depression, chronic negativity and stress who wish to improve their outlook on life. This is a one-time program that requires a 100% commitment and participation. If you cannot dedicate the required effort or time, then this is not right for you.

The goals of the Beliefs Course are to help people develop good / healthy beliefs that will improve their mood and outlook. The techniques and tools are already in use by Life Coaches. In this course, you will learn the following:

  1. Enemy # 1 – Inner Critic
  2. Enemy # 2 – Naysayers
  3. Enemy # 3 – The Three Lies
  4. Examine your beliefs, link them to how they affect your health and your mood
  5. Expose the lies/ old beliefs that you bought into
  6. Empower yourself with affirmative, positive beliefs
  7. Learn various techniques for being positive
  8. Take home exercises to continue improving beliefs on a daily basis

People will learn the following Beliefs techniques:

Look-Affirm-Success: create a Vision Board with photos of what they really want to experience or have in their lives and use visualization to improve their beliefs

Autobiography: write a life story (in present tense) as if they are “already where they want to be”, living a life of meaning and purpose.

Share their stories and find a buddy who has a similar story for 2 reasons. Accountability and support. Exchange contact information with your buddy and agree to meet or talk after the course for at least once a week. You must commit to this to receive the best results. Do the exercises, practice and share your progress/ struggles with your buddy.

Ingrid Cheng

Dreamer, Storyteller, Teacher


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