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Chinese Cooking for Health

Chinese cooking based


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on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine employs different ingredients and methods to balance a person’s constitution. I grew up in Hong Kong where everyone is concerned about too much yang chi. We drank lots of herbal teas to balance our chi. Huangdi Neijing is the earliest definitive text that gave recommendations on what to eat for different constitutions and health conditions. “A healthy diet leads to a healthy body.” One key principle of Chinese cooking for health is that the dishes must be “tasty and can be eaten every day”. Did you know that most people think healthy food is bland or tastes bad? “Medicine and food share the same source” according to a 200+ year-old Chinese pharmacopoeia. The Chinese people have used food to maintain health and cure diseases for centuries.

The four properties and five tastes describe food as having five tastes:

  1. Sour
  2. Sweet
  3. Bitter
  4. Salty
  5. Spicy

The four temperatures are hot, warm, cool and cold. It’s essential that Chinese cooking for health includes ingredients with these various qualities to balance the chi.

For more information, go to:Chinese Food Medicinal Cuisine



Gathering Stories

I am gathering stories of how yoga changed people’s lives. It changed mine. If you have a story to share, please comment below. Check out my other blog.

Beliefs Brief Course

Inspired by Brain Boot Camp (BBC) Program at UCLA Longevity Center

Beliefs Boot Camp is an interactive training experience that provides people with tools to keep their beliefs healthy and positive. This is a 1 hour online course designed for people with mild depression, chronic negativity and stress who wish to improve their outlook on life. This is a one-time program that requires a 100% commitment and participation. If you cannot dedicate the required effort or time, then this is not right for you.

The goals of the Beliefs Course are to help people develop good / healthy beliefs that will improve their mood and outlook. The techniques and tools are already in use by Life Coaches. In this course, you will learn the following:

  1. Enemy # 1 – Inner Critic
  2. Enemy # 2 – Naysayers
  3. Enemy # 3 – The Three Lies
  4. Examine your beliefs, link them to how they affect your health and your mood
  5. Expose the lies/ old beliefs that you bought into
  6. Empower yourself with affirmative, positive beliefs
  7. Learn various techniques for being positive
  8. Take home exercises to continue improving beliefs on a daily basis

People will learn the following Beliefs techniques:

Look-Affirm-Success: create a Vision Board with photos of what they really want to experience or have in their lives and use visualization to improve their beliefs

Autobiography: write a life story (in present tense) as if they are “already where they want to be”, living a life of meaning and purpose.

Share their stories and find a buddy who has a similar story for 2 reasons. Accountability and support. Exchange contact information with your buddy and agree to meet or talk after the course for at least once a week. You must commit to this to receive the best results. Do the exercises, practice and share your progress/ struggles with your buddy.

Ingrid Cheng

Dreamer, Storyteller, Teacher

How to Have More Love

1: Love Yourself

Yoga taught me to practice self-care and self-love. It is a way for me to connect with the Goddess inside me, to tune in to the light and love that exist within me. Our culture and the media want us to believe that we need to seek happiness from things like beauty products, money or weight-loss programs. However, when we pursue happiness outside of ourselves, we lose sight of what we truly want. We all want to be happy, healthy and to live in a sustainable manner. Yet, we are conditioned to buy this or that as if we can acquire happiness like a possession. When we tap into our own Divine being, we can access contentment, peace and wellness.

2: Love Your Body

  • Give yourself a head to toe massage

    Aromatherapy for relaxation – certain scents like lavender can improve your mood and reduce stress. Go to the Co-Op or Whole Foods store, find the aromatherapy section and test out some scents for your use.

    Get some fresh air and sunshine. Studies show that 3 out of 4 Americans suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and short 15-30 min of sun exposure before or after the hottest time of the day (between 12-3 pm).

    Appreciate each part of your body for its functional purpose. I still get critical of my body, but I catch myself and ask if this empowers me or not. Then, I gently remind myself to see the good.

    Affirmations serve as a powerful tool when combined with intention. Set an intention to be kind to your body.

  1. Love Your Life

1. I love life and it loves me!
2. I let go of the need for control and trust that life supports my success
3. I create openness and possibilities by creating space.

Do more of what empowers and energizes you. Avoid or do less of what drains you. Simple but it takes practice to love life when there are so many demands and expectations. You are here for a purpose and you matter. We often compare ourselves with others and wish that we were more “beautiful, thin, rich…” We buy into the lie that these trappings will make us happy. I used to think that way before tapping into my inner wisdom. Yoga allowed me to explore and inquire within because it teaches present-moment appreciation. That created a safe space for me to grow spiritually. For more tips, go to my blog

Health Intern

Community Health Intern, Health Habits Community Benefit program @Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

The Community Health Intern will support the adult health education component of the Healthy Habits Program. This person will assist the parent health educator in implementing the Healthy Habits for Families curriculum for parents, support parent groups at partner schools in capacity building projects, and help with curriculum review and development. This person will collect and record evaluation data as requested and track administrative tasks including receipts, mileage, class statistics, among others. The Community Health Intern will also complete other special projects and administrative tasks as assigned. 

Health Habits is a Community Benefit program of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The overall goal of the Healthy Habits Program is to reduce the risks and impacts of obesity in communities of need. 

Educational Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree required; preferred in nutrition/public health/community health or related field. Bilingual in Spanish/English required. 

License/Certification/Registration Requirements:
Hold a current/valid California driver’s license. Must have transportation. 

A minimum of two (2) years experience working with adults in a community health setting required. Experience in adult health education preferred. Ability to manage multiple assignments. Ability to work independently, using sound judgment, and in a well-organized manner. Attention to detail and ability to work well with colleagues, senior staff and community partner.

To apply:
Submit resume online at Search for job number 12490.

Note: New Hires must successfully pass a background check, a prohibited substance screening and a pre-employment physical.

Ingrid Cheng @fitnesswla
Health Advocate

Free Concert

AUGUST 29 Mardi Gras Night

Big Chief Captain Dan
& The Mardi Gras Gumbo Band
Costumed New Orleans Party Band & Dancers!

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Presented by West LA Neighborhood Council



Good Food on a Budget

Do you promote healthy eating or work with low-income families who are trying to eat well on a budget? Are you looking for a fun, up-to-date, simple yet science-based educational tool for healthy, green and affordable eating that you can share with your clients, friends and families? Do you want to know how its possible to eat well on the cheap?
If so, the Environmental Working Group in collaboration with Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters have a great new resource to share with you. Join the webinar on Wednesday, August 22nd at 9:30 am PT/ 12:30 p.m. ET for the release of Good Food on a Tight Budget, a new practical shopping guide families can use to stretch their food dollar in a healthy sustainable way.

Dial:             (877) 232-9998      
Enter conference code: 3463500787
Click on this link to access slideshow:

Environmental Working Group researchers, in collaboration with Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters and Chef Ann Cooper, created this incredibly useful guide full of the top 100 foods that are delicious, nutritious, clean and green. The guide shows shoppers how to get the best nutritional bang for their buck. It also provides simple tips for eating well, 15 tasty recipes averaging less than $1 a serving, and easy tools for tracking food prices and preparing and planning meals.
Find out how you can use it as an educational tool and resource for your work!
NO RSVP required, but those who do will get an advance copy of the guide. RSVP here:

On Tuesday August 21st, the guide will be available for order or free download at

Ingrid Cheng @fitnesswla
Founder of Fit-Twist